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Just Juniper Media provides honest, reliable and authentic comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals no matter your budget.

 It all started in 2018 in Thailand - Liz had seen years of success as a digital marketing freelancer, being named one of the top Upwork freelancers (she still has that rank, by the way) and wanting to expand, David working in the financial industry in London and ready for a change. While on vacation, they decided to take the time off to get David ready to start learning the ropes and take on the responsibility of creating the business (and all that boring admin stuff that Liz just can’t even….)


We have seen countless successes as a team, including the successful funding of 3 ICOs, positioning small business owners to exit, landing our clients on TED Talks, and setting up PROFITABLE lead generation campaigns, to name just a few.


At the heart of our service are our comprehensive strategies. We do not focus or advocate for one method of digital marketing - What we advocate for is what is best for your unique project, including your budget, goals, target audience, resources, etc. - We create a strategy that is going to work specifically for YOU. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies take into account your email marketing, social media marketing, web design, landing pages, SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing and personal branding (to name a few) and we will only recommend investing in activities that will add value to your project and help you reach your goals - We do not upsell unnecessary products.


Our strategies have our clients’ best interests in mind - We are not a team who plugs and chugs a strategy that has worked for us in the past, boasting about KPIs as if it can be copied for your project. Of course we have great KPIs to boast about but instead of copy and pasting old strategies, our team of experts lean on what we’ve learned over the years to create a strategy and a plan for execution that will work for your unique project, with its unique product, target audience, work flows, budget, resources, etc.


With all those unique variables, you’re going to need a bespoke strategy to see success!


Liz began working in digital marketing 11 years ago, managing social media accounts for some of the most prestigious hotels in the US. In 2015 she started Just Juniper Media as a freelancer and has since grown the company to the thriving digital marketing agency it is today.

Liz's background working with non-profits has been the driving force behind Just Juniper Media's digital marketing ethos.

Elizabeth Sheldon

Founder & CEO

David left the world of financial software to join Liz in building Just Juniper Media. His operational experience and creative skills have helped to push the company forward since he joined in 2017.

David Levy



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