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Get yourself out there

Advertising online is essential for any business that is serious about growth. Whether you are trying to increase your reach, build account followers or driving customers to your website, advertising correctly will help to supercharge your efforts.

So you need to advertise but with so many options how do you know which one is right for you? What platform is going to be best for your target audience? How much should your budget be? What does a good advertising strategy even look like?

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Using our knowledge

You can trust us to make the most out of your budget because we understand the nuances of the platforms, we have experience working in both B2B and B2C sectors and because know how to build a successful ad campaign that delivers.

Not only are we experts at running online ads, but we also understand the other aspects of your sales funnel. That means we can ensure that everything is running optimally so you get the most out of each penny spent.

When you hire Just Juniper Media to do your advertising you get:

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Getting to know your entire sales funnel helps us build the perfect online ad strategy for you. We crunch the numbers and provide you with a true understanding of what you will have to spend.

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Not only do we configure, monitor and manage the ad campaigns on their respective platforms but our in-house teams are on hand to design engaging creatives and write compelling copy.

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Understanding how and why your ads are performing the way they are is key to ensuring they work. We gather all that data for you, present it to you in a digestible format and with suggestions for adjustments to the campaigns.

Need a complete digital marketing strategy?

We build entire digital marketing strategies and have the team on hand to implement them. Learn more about it here.

Is your social media working for you?

We also offer a variety of different social media management services to help get your entire online sale funnel in order. Learn more about it here.