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Green Forest


Digital marketing experts

For the last 3 years, JJM has been working with organizations to elevate a message of unity around climate solutions.

We design, create and manage digital marketing funnels for groups looking to grow their members, followers and donations.

Our expertise also lies in being able to bring like-minded organizations together and create a roadmap for how each of their work can be used to complement the others and the movement as a whole. 


See our results

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Discover how we have helped our clients spread a message of climate unity and onboard members to their organization. 

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Create a bespoke strategy for your organization that will engage your target audience

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Use content marketing to drive traffic to websites and increase awareness

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Ad campaigns to onboard members into our email and donation funnels

Manage and maintain the members using complex email marketing

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Create a social media presence and start engaging with other organisations and their followers

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Devise and develop future campaigns for large donors to back

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