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Our top recommendations to

make your kitchen work from home ready

After 8 years of working from home, we've learned a thing or 2 about how make your kitchen work for you!

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Vintage Vibes Coffee Container

Keep your coffee fresh in something cute to start your day off positively

Setting yourself up with a container that brings you joy to look at will help start your day on a positive note. Find something you love, browse our options, or even make your own to help make that pick-me-up in the morning even a little bit better.

Just Juniper Media Work From Home Kitche

Give Back To The Planet In Style

Small changes, like recycling your food waste, can have an incredible impact on our environment

Along with helping out the environment, compost bins are a great way to bring joy through your workday by choosing a style you love. Choose a bin that uses carbon filters to keep your kitchen smelling fresher than ever before!

Just Juniper Media Work From Home Kitche

Get The Tools For Success

Win at WFH with meal prep

These containers aren't just great for getting yourself in a healthy eating flow, they also are fantastic at reducing food waste. I love these containers to freeze veg & fruit when they're perfectly ripe for later use. Now when I make certain dishes, I make sure to over-make, knowing that I'll enjoy the leftovers for lunch during the week or that I have the option to freeze the meal to enjoy at a later date.

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