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Are you an Instagrammer or business ready to sign the #PorePositive pledge?

#PorePositive is the creation of Just Juniper Media - sign up for our mailing list today!


1. Repost our #GetYourZitsOut campaign photo (download here) in an Instagram carousel post along with your natural, unfiltered skin, clear of any make-ups or ‘make-me-look-betters’ (we mean, the REAL you).


2. Start communicating with your followers about behind the scenes editing & filtering work so they are aware.

3. Always follow the cardinal rule: DON’T LIE! If someone asks you why your skin looks so baby-smooth in a post, don’t pitch your make-up affiliate code and forget to mention the filtering & face-tuning!



Filters are fun. And editing can really make a photo go from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah!’. We get it. And we’re not saying that we all need to be natural supermodels and can lean on a bit of Instagram-models’ little helpers.


However, without the balance of unfiltered images, children and adults alike are beginning to develop a morphed sense of reality, especially in the pandemic. What is healthy and what is normal is now hidden behind layers of ‘perfection’. This can lead to depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, etc.


By simply producing a bit more content that is unedited and unfiltered, and by being honest about the effort that is put into creating the perfect social media content, we can all enjoy the escapism that Instagram has to offer without seeing such terrible negative effects.


As founder of Just Juniper Media, I actually have personal experience with Instagram-influencer overload long before the pandemic had us in these silos. I worked for as a social media Community Manager for some of the most luxurious hotels in the States.


What do luxurious hotels attract? Gorgeous, wealthy, young influencers.


Being constantly exposed to this content sent my confidence reeling. I would never be as pretty as them. I would never be as successful as them. How could they possibly be doing so well when they’re so young? (The answer: Their parents have cash).


I never felt skinny enough, or pretty enough, or connected enough to be one of these girls.


What I didn’t realize then, but am all too aware of now, was the massive amounts of preparation and editing that went into these photos. And, looking back, it makes sense. After all, these girls are getting paid to stay. You better be putting your best content forward if you want to be getting that next gig!


Through gaining knowledge in the industry, I began to see more and more the warped sense of reality. Yes, I could definitely be that girl! And isn’t that a wonderful thing?


Despite regaining my own confidence through the understanding that everyone is filtering, I didn’t want to partake myself. Why? Because we need a little bit more real content in this world.


For some of us, the world of filtering and editing and escapism is fine. We tune out when we need to. We remind ourselves of the EFFORT it can take to make beautiful content. And we accept that this content is ultimately being created for marketing and entertainment - it is NOT a mirror being held up to real life.


But for children who are just getting a grasp of life and are forming opinions of themselves, and also for the billions of adults who don’t work in digital marketing and don’t get to see where the sausage gets made, this dream world can truly be detrimental.


The more information we can share as Instagrammers and as businesses the effort that is put in to create our beautiful dream worlds, the more we can bring in others to participate in that joy.

Don’t forget to sign the pledge!

(Pledges make you 30% more likely to actually do the damn thing. That’s why we like pledges.)

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