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Email Marketing Manager

Remote work

Job Type


About the Role

JJM is looking for a freelancer that specialises in email marketing to join our growing team of Digital Marketers.

The role will entail you working with our clients to build and manage what will sometimes be complex and comprehensive customer email marketing journeys.

We work primarily for a large non profit organisation based in the US that focuses on bridging partisan divides and working towards solutions to the biggest problems we are facing in the world today (climate change is our main focus right now) through positive rather than negative, click-baity rhetoric.

Your main focus will be on working with this client however we do have other clients that we will need you to assist with for similar and different content.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about making a difference and that can bring new ideas and insights to help improve and grow our email marketing and landing pages conversions.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


  • Experience at managing email marketing campaigns on Mailchimp. Understanding how to build multiple email marketing funnels for customer journeys a must.

  • Experience working for a non profit would be a bonus

About the Company

JJM is a growing Digital Marketing company that practices equal opportunity hiring and always pays a fair wage to our employees. We love to work with people passionate about ethical marketing and using social media for social change.

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