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Are You a Great Client? Take Our Quiz!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Great business relationships with your outsourced marketing agency is crucial for success. We know how terrible the repercussions can be if things turn sour. But like every relationship, it shouldn’t be one-sided. As the client, you have a responsibility as well in the outcome of your business relationship.

Have you asked yourself lately if you’re a great client? Not sure if you are? Take our quiz below!

1. Do you set realistic budgets?

A) I always set realistic budgets for the project/task.

B) I like to save some money on my budget.

C) I try to keep my budget as low as possible.

2. Do you haggle on price?

A) I rarely haggle on price - only when the price doesn’t seem fair.

B) I sometimes haggle. I want a good deal.

C) I always haggle. There’s always a lower price!

3. How important is trust?

A) I only work with agencies that I can trust.

B) I’m impartial about trust. I’m happy as long as they do a good job.

C) I don’t care about trust. I just want the lowest price.

4. How good are you at taking advice?

A) I’m always open to feedback and advice.

B) I sometimes take advice, but it depends who it is.

C) I never need advice! I know what I’m doing.

5. How much do you participate in the process?

A) I participate as much as is expected.

B) I participate when I feel like it.

C) I never participate. Isn’t that their job?

6. Do you pay on time?

A) I always pay on time.

B) I sometimes pay on time. It depends on the budget that month.

C) I have to wait to be paid, and so can they!



You’re a great client! You understand and trust the knowledge of your agency, and give them the autonomy needed to get the job done. You respect them as extended members of your team and that will pay you back tenfold!


You’re an OK client. You have some work to do when building that ‘great’ relationship with your agency. We understand that it can be hard to trust outsiders, but they don’t succeed unless your project succeeds. Try trusting them more and give them the respect they deserve.


You’re a terrible client - sorry! Ever struggled to keep an agency on board? That’s because we want to run 100 miles away from clients like you. Really reflect on what you bring to this business relationship and try to improve on your role in it.

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