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6 Great Landing Page Examples (& 4 Terrible Examples)

A landing page can make the difference between someone converting to buy your product/service and someone leaving and never coming back.

But what makes a GREAT landing page?

We've compiled some of our favorite landing page examples for you to get some inspiration from.

As well as a few examples of what you should avoid!

#1 : Gabby Bernstein

This landing page completely matches not only Gabby's brand, but the challenge she is getting people to sign up for.

And look at how clear and easy it is to take action!

The opt in form is above the fold, requires minimal information and clearly demonstrates the benefit to the user to sign up.

#2: Pat Flynn

Having a short video introducing whatever it is you're selling is a fantastic tactic for increasing conversions.

We all know how much more engaging video content is.

So next time, be brave and put yourself in front of the camera!

After all, who is going to be more enthusiastic about your product than you?

#3: DIY Video Guy

The imagery on this landing page quickly tells you what it is that they're selling.

And their copywriting clearly shows what it is that they're selling.

As well as the benefit for the buyer.

#4: Luisa Zhou

There are so many great elements about Luisa's landing page.

Not only does it hit all the normal points of engaging messaging, a clear CTA and fantastic brand images -- but it also shows her credibility.

Featuring logos of media outlets where she's been featured shows why people should be buying from her.

#5: Jenn Scalia

This is a classic example of sweet and simple.

Jenn quickly shows you what she's offering and how the reader can take action.

Most importantly, she's listed the benefits of her product.

#6: Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa knows just how great design in landing pages can go a long way.

All above the fold, she's managed to incorporate the key elements needed to make a super engaging landing page.

And notice how she highlights clearly a pain point for her audience?

That's gold.

Now... let's move on to some bad landing page examples...

#1: Bring the Zander

This is your typical ConvertKit landing page that has just got too much going on.

There's too much text, too many graphics above the fold.

Where am I looking? Key information is getting lost in an overload of the senses.

And with people's short attention spans, they're likely to bounce of this page in 5 seconds.

#2: The Motley Fool

Can you see what's wrong with this landing page right away?

After seeing our great examples above, there is a stark difference between the beautifully thought out branded landing pages versus this.

There's no character to this page and would entice no-one to convert.

#3: Jimmy Daly

Again, where is the character, the branding with this page?

Perhaps minimalism is their branding but there's nothing enticing about it.

How exactly will a subscriber benefit from giving them their email address?

#4: Content Multiplier Formula

Wow - there is just too much going on here.

Long gone are the days of cheesy, in your face sales tactics.

What is the key message here? Who knows. It's lost under all that bad design.

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