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Unused Services Rollover l Complimentary Theragun Percussive Therapy l Complimentary Matching Normatec Compression Massage l Additional Member Services & Guest 50% Off l Additional Member & Guest CRYO $20 l Couples Float & Couples Sauna Add $20 l 25% Off All Packages (including Cryoskin & Endospheres) l 25% Off Esthetic Services (including Dermaplaning & Facials ) l 10% Off Retail l Complimentary Ice Cold Bottled Water

Membership Terms

Re-occurring: Memberships draft every 30 days from the original activation date, until cancelled by the client.
Banked or "Rollover " Sessions: Member sessions rollover on "active" current accounts only, void when cancelled.
Primary Member: Membership sessions are only assigned to the primary member and may not be shared (although guest discounts are available).
Freezing: Members may request a 90 day "hold" after 12 months of current payments. Freezing your membership will keep your account active, yet defer payments for up to 3 months. One "freeze" can be requested per year.
Cancelling: Members may cancel at any time, with no cancellation fee. A minimum 10 days notice prior to the draft date must be provided via e-mail. No refunds or prorated balances will be issued. Any banked "rollover" sessions will terminate 30 days following the last payment received once a membership is cancelled. Non Payment: Any membership that is forced closed due to non-payment of 45 days or more, will result in a loss of any banked "rollover" sessions, as well as any future membership "perks". *FREEZE or CANCEL your membership by emailing your request to CONTACT@OHIOCRYO.COM