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JJM Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

JJM will provide ONE coupon code to each participant that signs up. 

This coupon should be passed on to people in the participant's network with the instruction to quote the coupon code when meeting with a member of the JJM team.

The coupon code never expires and the participant can pass the coupon code on to an unlimited amount of people. 

The coupon code allows participants to earn money off contracts JJM signs with any new business citing their coupon code.

There are two ways in which a participant can earn money

1) Recommend our digital marketing services and we will give you 10% commission up to a maximum of £250.


This will be paid out in monthly increments of £25 per client.

2) Recommend our digital marketing strategies and we will give you 15% up to £150 of the contract. 

Our strategies typically sell for £1000.

Each new client can only activate one referral payout scheme e.g. If a new client that a participant refers chooses to have both a strategy from JJM and then decides to use JJM services for their digital marketing services, JJM will only pay out the commission for the strategy.

JJM reserves the right to change the terms and cancel our referral scheme at any time

JJM will only payout to participants once the new client has paid either

The full first month's invoice for our digital marketing services OR

The whole cost of their strategy

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