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Digital Marketing Consultants

Are you new to social media and digital marketing or are your current efforts not working for you?


Maybe your follower growth is static, you aren’t getting the engagement you were hoping for or traffic to your website just isn’t increasing.

Knowing how to use all the right online tools for your exact needs can be time-consuming so why not learn from the experts. Whether you are just getting started or looking for some new direction, a digital marketing strategy from JJM will provide you with all the knowledge and guidance you need to make a success of your digital presence.

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Social Media Advertising

There are more advertising options on social media than ever.


It can be difficult to navigate them all and know which platform is the right one for you to be using to reach your potential customers. From creating an ad that is going to stand out to configuring and adjusting the many deployment settings, there is a lot manage.


So why not let us do it for you? We will make sure no matter what your budget, you are getting value for money.

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Content Marketing & Social Media

Are you finding it difficult to stay on top of your daily social media management?


For new and small companies, it is important to build a social presence and remain active on there. Most of your customers expect you to be somewhat socially active online. There are still plenty of organic ways to build a loyal, engaged customer base to advertise to for free but this can eat into the time you could be spending on other business necessities.

We are experts in managing and distributing social media content efficiently and effectively. No time to check your inboxes or respond to comments made on your feeds? We can do that too!

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Other Services

Other types of digital marketing such as email marketing or lead generation through LinkedIn can also be essential to your business. 

We are experts at working with you to build a digital marketing funnel that suits you and your needs. Find out more about the other services we offer and how they could work for you.


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