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Providing businesses like yours a winning strategy to optimize marketing funnels and grow 

Our tried and tested process has helped to drive conversions for our clients. Whether launching a new project or looking to revitalise a current one, let JJM provide you with a framework for success. 

In a Meeting

Businesses we surveyed were more likely to be satisfied with their digital marketing results when working from a strategy

Why would you need this service?

You have a new project that you want to launch online

Your current digital marketing efforts aren't giving you the results you want

You are refreshing a project that has gone stale

You offer some digital marketing services yourself and need help building your client a strategy

Our Process


We begin with a 15-minute chat to learn about your digital marketing needs and if a strategy from JJM will be the right fit for you.


JJM spends 2 hours getting to know your business and its goals before building a comprehensive, bespoke strategy for you


24 hours after providing you with the strategy we meet and discuss it in detail.

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Learn how we built a winning strategy for In This Together


Digital Marketing Strategy

2-hour discovery workshop
Comprehensive strategy build
Editable strategy provided
Competitor analysis
Strategy discussion
Relevant training

Email support


Connect with us for a FREE 15-minute conversation about how to take your digital marketing to the next level.

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