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Two Wheels For Life is the official charity of MotoGP

Just Juniper Media were hired to use social media & newsletters exclusively for the marketing and advertising of the charity's work and their fundraising auctions, events and sales. Part of the project was also to assist in the rebuild of their website, with a focus on the donation funnel.

The ultimate goal of our digital marketing efforts was to implement an evergreen strategy that would increase their online donations whilst implementing an optimized system to maintain and track all the donation information.

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Improve social media followers, reach and engagement with optimized post designs and copy

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Assist in the design of the new website, with a focus on overall aesthetic and donation funnel

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Devise and develop online events and campaigns to increase one-off and repeat donations

Increase newsletter subscribers and improve open rates, click rates and donations

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Use social media to promote events, giveaways and donation posts

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Devise and implement evergreen donation funnels and value content for regular donors

Organic Social

Our first aim was to increase the following, reach and engagement on TWFL's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts through the use of organic posts. 

Our aim was to post strategically about the online auctions and in-person events to create a space where the MotoGP community could engage with the charity. We leveraged their proximity and relationships with MotoGP celebrities to facilitate cross-promotional campaigns, reaching new audiences free of charge.


% increase
Mar 18 - Jun 20





Organic Post Result 1


An organic post promoting exclusive experience for sale generated 41 shares & 5,277 net engagements and contributed to the addition of 288 new page likes (7.5% net increase)

3,876 followers at time of post
2.24% of page followers engaged
11% engagement rate (total engagements compared to reach)
20 tickets at £350 each were sold utilizing organic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Email Marketing only

twfl iphone image 1.png

Organic Post Result 2

 Organic post promoting exclusive experience for sale generated 43 shares & 1,437 net engagements and contributed to the addition of 288 new page likes
(7.5% net increase)

3,876 followers at time of post
3.4% of page followers engaged
37% engagement rate (total engagements, including engagements from shared posts, when compared to the number of page followers at the time of the post)

twfl laptop image 1.png

Event Promotion Result

Using their largest fundraising event, Day of Champions 30 Year Anniversary, to grow the social media community, in just one week we:

Added 1,000 Instagram followers (37% net increase)
Generated 711,216 post views across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
Generated approximately 2,000 link clicks
Assisted in the generation of £303,000 in funds


twfl canvas image 1.png

Email Marketing


JJM configured and managed the entire email marketing system using Mailchimp. This included:

Data mapping between Mailchimp and the website
Appropriately tagging and segmenting newsletter subscribers for targeted marketing
Designed and implemented regular newsletter campaigns
Deployed emails to promote auctions at optimal times to ensure the best conversion rates

% increase in subscribers

Open Rate

Click Rate





JJM assisted with the building of their website which served as a marketing tool for their various opportunities for digital donations and provided social media content marketing, email marketing and paid social advertising services to put their content in front of existing audiences and reaching new audiences. By setting up their digital processes optimally and deploying on a digital marketing campaign, we were able to raise their online donations by 4500% as part of their 30 year anniversary.

online donations increase



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